Person With Disabilities


Person With Disabilities

The Project Inclusive initiative by BruderHilfe aims to provide Persons with Disabilities with Support & disability enhancement devices / equipment; to empower them to be able to cater for themselves, and reduce their dependency on others: (the society, family members, government). The project also grants PWDs access to better lives so they become assets to the society and not liabilities.

Bruderhilfe has been able to donate more than Eight hundred multi-purpose Mobility carts in Katsina, sokoto, Borno, Niger, Bauchi, Kwara, Ondo and Lagos States in Nigeria; especially in hard to reach, rural remote communities, which lack basic amenities, and whose residents live below the poverty line.

Financial support and grants have also been provided for 4 persons with disabilities over the years, as well as scholarships and support for their dependents, and refurbishing and equipping of their homes.

Other mobility aids & enhancement equipment including Eye glasses, Crutches, Walkers, Walking sticks amongst others; have been donated to persons with disabilities all over Nigeria.

The donated items have helped persons with various impairments in moving around & socializing by themselves, and this gives them a feeling of independence & makes them less dependent on others.

Beneficiaries with mobility carts can carry their business tools so they can make a living / fend for themselves; move around to do their businesses, and carry heavy loads, whether in shopping for food items & sundries from the market, or in moving other items that had been impossible for them due to their mobility impairments; as even those with the usual wheelchair require family & friends to push them around.

Our donations have generally enabled beneficiaries live normal lives despite their disabilities. This rekindles their confidence, hope / attitude to life & improves their mental health. They are also less susceptible to abuse.


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