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Projects Karakata:

One of the major initiatives by the organisation is the Project Karakata initiative, a human development intervention, which focuses on deploying and implementing practical and sustainable economic empowerment and skill acquisitions programmes, for women and youth in rural and urban poor communities in Lagos, Ogun and Niger States in Nigeria, who have little or no access to sustainable economic livelihoods.

Project Karakata sets out to Deploy interventions that will lead to the drastic reduction of poverty in rural and urban poor communities; Ensure gender equality and improvement of women’s economic rights; Ensure decent work and economic growth for all regardless of sex or status; Reduce inequalities at all levels; Partner with all sectors of the society including the government, private sector, civil society, academia, and local communities.

Research has shown that 70 per cent of poor Nigerians are women & more than a half of rural women live below the nationally defined poverty line, lacking access to basic education, decent nutrition, adequate health and social services.

Bruderhilfe has been empowering women under the Project Karakata initiative of the organization by:

  • Providing money in form of capital to beneficiary women to start businesses.
  • Establishing revolving loan schemes in beneficiary communities, where the beneficiary women are encouraged to return money to a Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA), so that the money can continually circulate around the community women. This is necessary because the rural communities do not have easy access to formal financial services.
  • Providing financial training and skill acquisition to women in beneficiary communities.
  • Providing infrastructure support for beneficiary communities.
  • The project commenced in 2021, and so far has 87 women as direct beneficiaries, with the impact transcending to their children and dependents
  • 50 women in Kemta village, Ogun State have been empowered under the project Karakata initiative, where the women were trained on financial literacy, agricultural practices and parenting; and provided with Seed grants and a revolving loan Scheme for the community. 
  • 20 women from Kwane-Makeri village in Agwara local government area of Niger state, have also been provided with Financial Grant as capital as well as training to commence their businesses.
  • Also, 5 women in the Dutsi and Kusada Local Government areas of Katsina state, have been provided with skills training and money to establish their trade and and their 35 children have been provided with Scholarships, educational materials, feeding and clothing support.
  • 10 women in the Ilaje local government area of Ondo State, also received money / start-up grants to commence their businesses, and also established a revolving loan scheme in their local government.
  • The project’s impacts have been verified, as the beneficiary women presently have functional businesses that has so far helped them generate income towards self-sustenance of themselves and their families; and the Loan schemes have also helped to facilitate a saving culture among community women.


Bruderhilfe has also built a community centre in Ajegunle-Ikorodu, Lagos, for use by the women and youth in the community and it’s vicinity. 

The organization has also implemented other empowerment projects between 2017 and present, including: Social development training for 50 youth of Ilaje Bariga, Lagos; and distribution of support materials to the residents; Digital Entrepreneurship training for 90 youth in Badagry Logal government, Lagos.

BruderHilfe has held community engagement Services and donated thousands of support materials and basic living necessities including clothing, footwear, food provisions, beddings, household equipment, amongst many others; to residents of rural communities and persons from less privileged backgrounds, all over Nigeria.

Donations of cash, gifts and various Support materials have also been made to various children homes and organizations including Precious Pearls Orphanage, Women Youth and Children improvement support Initiative, Bauchi State Orphans and Vulnerable children Agency, Frausus children’s foundation, to mention a few.


Bruderhilfe has been empowering vulnerable women in suburban & hard-to-reach communities in Nigeria, under the “One Family at a Time” initiative of the organization, by: constructing new homes for these women and their families; furnishing their homes with mattresses, beddings, furniture & other household items, equipping their homes with kitchen utensils & modern facilities; enrolling their children in school and providing them with educational materials; donating basic living necessities to the families; and providing money capital and needed materials for the women to establish businesses to cater for themselves and their children.

Some of the beneficiary families of this project include: Omowunmi Enikannaye, a 69 year old Grandmother, caring for 4 of her grandchildren, in Ago Debo community, Ilaje LGA, Ondo State; and Zulai Hamisu, a widow with 9 children in the Walawal community, Dutsi LGA, Katsina State.

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