BruderHilfe Year 2022 Report

Bruderhilfe began the year by donating Medical Equipment and Hospital Consumables to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), on the 12th of January. The donated materials included specialized equipment for surgeries and Intensive care units, sophisticated medical supplies, amongst others needed by the hospital .The Chief Medical Director, Professor Chris Bode was on ground to receive the donations on behalf of LUTH and commended Bruderhilfe for their dedication to the improvement of healthcare in Nigeria.

An Empowerment and Humanitarian Outreach was held at the Isolo Local Council Development Area, Lagos, on the 11th of March; where food provisions, clothing, footwear, sanitary items, books and educational materials were donated to the residents of the LCDA. Medical supplies were also donated to the primary health centre, and Mobility carts were given to persons with mobility impairment in the LCDA.

A cute baby contest was organized earlier in the year, to give women in Lagos state, the opportunity to win a cash prize and maternity and newborn kits for their babies.

In April, Bruderhilfe also donated food provisions, & other basic living necessities to a woman and her two children who had just arrived Lagos state from her rural village, with nothing, in order to help her sustain till she gets a means of income to sustain herself & her children.

A humanitarian outreach was held in Ibala Community, Obokun local government area of Osun State; on the 28th of April. Women, children, the youth and elderly in the rural community received donations of: clothing, footwear, sanitary items, maternal & newborn kits, mobility aids amongst others.

Medical Supplies and Hospital Consumables were also donated to the Basic Health Centre, Among the items donated were Hospital bed liners, baby bath basins, hand gloves, adult diapers, hand sanitizers, infant feeding formulas, wheelchairs, Crutches, Mobility walkers.

A humanitarian donation project was held at the Christlight School for the Deaf & Dumb, Egbeda, Lagos, on the 24th June, 2022. Educational materials, food provisions, nutritional supplements, clothing, footwear and other basic necessities were donated for the upkeep of the school’s children and use of the school.

Bruderhilfe embarked on a Library donation drive at Stadium Junior Grammar School, Agege, Lagos; on Wednesday, 29th June, 2022.

Recognising that readers are leaders and effective reading is the key to academic excellence, the Bruderhilfe team was on ground to equip the school library with a hundred Children’s reading / story books.

Bidemi Atoyede, a resolute young woman living with disability in Epe Local government area of Lagos, was rescued from the helms of poverty. Bidemi had been living in deplorable condition, and had often been taken advantage of and abused by men predators, which resulted in her having 3 children, whose fathers are unknown. She had survived by begging alms & occasional charity by neighbors & could not send her childern to school. Bruderhilfe renovated the family apartment where Bidemi has lived all her life, with new plaster, paint, doors, nets, windows and ceiling boards, & also furnished with new furniture, carpet, mattress, mosquito net and beddings. Basic living items, including food, clothing, footwear and household items were donated to Bidemi, and her children were included under the Bruderhilfe Scholarship scheme: enrolled in school and supported with educational materials. Bruderhilfe also donated children’s reading story books to the school where her children were enrolled, to increase the capacity to their school library.

Mrs. Mary Bruder, Executive Director, Bruderhilfe Social Development Initiative, was in Katsina State between September & October with the Bruderhilfe team, to implement a series of projects for the people of the state. 

In partnership with the charity initiative of the First Lady of Katsina State, The Women, Youth and Children Improvement Support Initiative (WYCISI); a sensitisation on improving Antenatal care and child delivery, was organised for pregnant women and nursing mothers in Kusada LGA, on the 29th of September; to bring succour to the rural women in Katsina. The women were given orientation on proper maternity practices and hygiene, after which a quiz competition was held & Mrs. Mary Bruder, Executive Director Bruderhilfe, presented gift prizes to the winners which included Baby Cot, Children Toys, Baby Clothings & Stockings. Bruderhilfe also donated Baby Clothings & accessories to the rural women participants present at the event. 

In partnership with the Aminu Masari Youth Empowerment Foundation, a hundred multi-purpose mobility carts were donated to persons with disabilities in Katsina State on the 1st of October, to improve their living conditions.

Medical Supplies & Equipment, Hospital Consumables, orthopaedic kits and eyeglasses, were donated to: Turai Umar Yar’Adua Maternity and Children Hospital, Katsina; General Hospital, Katsina; and General Amadi Rimi Orthopaedic Hospital, Katsina. 

Reading books were also donated to a Primary School and a Secondary school, while Children Toys, Bicycles, Car seats, Clothings and other items were distributed to Children, Women & youth in rural Katsina.

Bruderhilfe Built a new home for Zulai Hamisu; a widow with 9 children in Walawal community, Dutsi Local Government area of Katsina State, who was among the vulnerable women identified last year. The new building was officially opened by the Governor of Katsina State, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari CFR FNIM, on the 29th of September. 

Zulai’s home was also furnished with mattresses, beddings, furniture & other household items, and equipped with kitchen utensils & modern water storage facilities. Her children were also enrolled in school and provided with educational materials; and basic living necessities including food, clothing, footwear, were donated to the family. Money capital and other needed materials was provided for Zulai to establish her business, to enable her cater for herself and her children.

While in Katsina State, the Bruderhilfe team also visited the houses of some of the widows under the Bruderhilfe “One Family at a Time” initiative. Household items and basic living necessities, were distributed to the families of all the 5 Widows with 35 Children between them. Donated items included: Furniture, Beddings, Mattresses, Kitchen utensils, and Durable Water storage drums loaded with Clothings, Footwear, Food provisions, children toys, books and educational materials. The donations are to support the women and their children to live comfortably, while the widows continue to improve on their established businesses.

Mrs. Mary Bruder, Executive Director, Bruderhilfe, and Mr. Uwe Hassenkamp from Bruderhilfe, attended a Reception with Civil Society and Mr. Mohammed Abdiker, IOM Regional Director of the East and Horn of Africa, held on Thursday, 27 October 2022, in Berlin, Germany. The event was held to discuss solutions to various problems ravaging African countries, and the highlights picked from the meeting would aid Bruderhilfe in the determination of focus areas for its development projects.

Bruder hilfe e.V. held Family Kareoke Brunch events in Berlin, Germany; on 5th November, & 18th December. The events featured Music and Kareoke & brought together people of different nationalities, to celebrate their cultural diversities & promote harmony and tolerance.

Bruderhilfe e.V also held an evening of public works, and fundraising cake sales, in Berlin, Germany; on the 2nd & 4th of December, respectively. Basic living necessities & other support were donated to the homeless, elderly & sick in the society, to help fulfill their most pertinent wishes in the spirit of love & charity during the Christmas season.

Also this year, Bruderhilfe donated Children Reading Books to Baptist Day Nursery and Primary School, Akinale, Ewekoro Local Government Area, Ogun state; for the establishment of a school library to enhance the literacy levels of the institution’s pupils. Some Educational materials were also donated to the school’s pupils to encourage them.

Clothing, Footwear, Beddings were also donated to some of the students and indigent residents of the Akinale community.

An elderly woman, Mrs. Modupe Ibe, in the Bariga LCDA of Lagos, received succour from Bruderhilfe in the form of food provisions, medical supplies, sanitary items, clothing, footwear, & beddings; after an illness left her paralyzed for months.

Basic living necessities were also donated to other women in Bariga who lived below to poverty line, to help improve their living conditions.

Bruderhilfe in partnership with the Cecelia Olusola Adebayo Ariyo foundation; organized a Christmas party for less privileged members of the Ibala community, Obokun local government area of Osun state, at the end of the year. Among other items, Bruderhilfe donated new Christmas clothing to children, youth and the elderly of the community, useful during the cold harmattan weather that comes with the Christmas season; distributed food & drinks to participants and organized fun games and dancing competitions to spice up the day.

Also in 2022, two women, who are residents in Ogba, Ifako-Ijaye LGA & Bariga LCDA, were sponsored to further their studies in England and Germany respectively.

We are grateful to all our donors, volunteers and supporters, for all the support to enable us have a successful year.

We believe that our interventions in the lives of these beneficiaries has elevated them in terms of living conditions and empowered them to attain better lives; and look forward to implementing more impactful projects this year. 

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