Development Projects in Ondo State April 2023


BruderHilfe implemented a series of Development Projects in the Ilaje local government area of Ondo State, between the 19th to 22nd of April, 2023; in line with some of the core objectives of the organization in ensuring increased accessibility and provision of social-economic services for the less privileged and the social excluded members of the society, and enhancing human security and improved livelihood for the poor and excluded.

The Project commenced with a training & Orientation session on the Project Karakata Women Empowerment initiative, with women from various communities in the Ilaje local government area of Ondo State. The women were equipped with all information needed on establishing a Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) and managing a Revolving Loan scheme for the women of the community.

Beneficiaries of the Project Karakata were 10 selected women, the first batch in Ondo State, who received cheques of 50,000 Naira each, to be used as capital to establish businesses; aimed at equipping them with a means of earning income, training, & grant support; and to boost the economic potentials of their communities.

The BruderHilfe team led by the Executive Director, Mrs. Mary Oluwabamigbe Bruder, paid a courtesy visit to His Imperial Majesty Oba Oluwasegun Williams Akinyomi (Alagwe VII), Amapetu of Mahin Land, Ilaje Local Government area of Ondo State; during the implementation of development projects in the LGA. Mrs. Bruder briefed the Monarch of the projects and activities mapped out for the rural people of the local government during the four-day program line-up. The Oba assured BruderHilfe that the people of Ilaje were grateful for efforts by the organization to better their lives, and gave his support in boosting security and ensuring a successful implementation of the project.

Bruder Hilfe donated mobility aids & enhancement equipment to persons with disabilities in the Ilaje local government area of Ondo State. Donations include multi-purpose Mobility carts, Walkers, Walking sticks, crutches & eye glasses. Beneficiaries and community stakeholders expressed their appreciation to BruderHilfe on their commitment to ensuring persons with disabilities and various impairments in the LGA, are able to live improved lives and be productive despite their conditions; move around and become less dependent; and be able to convey their business tools so they can better fend for themselves.

The people of Ugbonla Community were the next beneficiaries of our Development Projects in the Ilaje local government area of Ondo State. 

Health Personel were on ground to run medical vitals tests for the people of the community, and Medical Supplies and Hospital Consumables were also donated to the Health Center in Ugbonla Community.

Basic living necessities including clothing, footwear, beddings, children toys were donated to the residents of the community.

Bruderhilfe also organized a Baby Shower, and donated Maternal & Newborn kits to pregnant women and nursing mothers in the Ugbonla Community, during the implementation of our community projects in the Ilaje local government area of Ondo State.

Bruderhilfe visited the site where a new home is being constructed for Omowunmi Enikannaye, a 69 year old Grandmother, caring for 4 of her grandchildren, under the organization’s “One Family at a Time Initiative”. Omowunmi lives in a ramshackle apartment in Ago Debo community, Ilaje LGA; which has no doors and windows, is made from palm fronds, and has no furniture or amenities. The children were abandoned by their parents who claimed to have bequeathed them to her, and don’t care for both Children & grandmother.

During the visit, Mrs. Bruder assured Grandma Omowunmi on the timely completion of the building and informed her & the community representative that the next stage of the intervention was to establish a business for her so she has a means of livelihood to fend for herself and her grandchildren. BruderHilfe also donated more household items to the family.

Bruderhilfe also implemented Development Projects in Mahin, Ilaje local government area of Ondo state. The Elderly in the community were given walking sticks to aid them in movement, & nutritional supplements to boost their health. Medical professionals were also at the venue to conduct vitals tests for the elderly and advice / counsel them on care for their health at old age.

200 reading books and 2 smart laptops were donated to the Community Primary school & the Community Secondary School in Mahin Land, as the first step to establishing libraries in the schools.

School bags, toys & educational materials were donated to the children in the community, while Maternal & newborn kits were donated to pregnant women and nursing mothers. Clothing, shoes, beddings and other basic living necessities were donated to the Youth, women & men in the community.

BruderHilfe also donated Medical equipment, Supplies and Hospital Consumables to the Primary Health Center in Mahin Land. Items donated include Crutches, Walkers, Adult diapers, Bed lining, wheelchairs, Medical robes, hand sanitizers & other medical supplies & hospital consumables.

Donations were also made to the General Hospital in Igbokoda, as a follow up to Bruderhilfe’s last visit & Donations in 2021. Items donated include an ICU Medical Infant Care Equipment, baby bassinet, Mobility aids for patients and other medical supplies and hospital consumables.

We thank our Partners: Muriel Gordon Foundation New York and Clean Angel GmbH Berlin for their support in the implementation of these projects.

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