Epe School Outreach_November 2021

Bruderhilfe Social Development Initiative was at the Community Primary School, Erepoto, Epe Local government area of Lagos State on the 11th of November, 2021, to implement an education development project; in line with one of our core objectives: to improve and increase the literacy level of women, boys and girls in rural communities and put in place material and non-material facilities that will promote their safety and participation in public and private spaces.

The organization donated books and other educational materials, for the establishment of a school library to enhance the academic and social development of the pupils. Among the items donated were Children’s Story Books, Colouring Books & Crayons, Pens, bands for girls and reporting folders for teachers and biscuits.

During the visit, the Bruderhilfe team observed a very poor grasp of the English language amongst the pupils, as most of the children tend to read below their ages and class levels, because they do not usually have access to enough books, learning materials and other educational resources; as their parents are usually low-income earners who can barely afford their family basic needs and have no budget for the education and development of their children, and also learn in unfavorable environments, as many public schools have little educational resources and facilities. 

The intervention is the commencement of education development project in the school, as Bruderhilfe plans to adopt the school as it’s pilot project, and establish a book club for the pupils and provide scholarships to some exceptional children, in the coming months.

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