Precious Pearls Orphanage Visitation

The Director of Bruder Hilfe Social Development Initiative, Mrs. Mary Bruder, celebrated her birthday with the children and staff of Precious Pearls Orphanage, Egbeda, Lagos, on the 18th of July, 2021.

Mrs. Bruder put smiles on the faces of the occupants of the home, as she donated educational materials, drinks, health supplements and food provisions for the children of the home, as well as clothing, toys and other materials for the newest member of the home, who is a four month old baby. Mrs  Bruder also presented a cheque donation to be used for purchase of other items needed by the home.

Mrs. Bruder noted that Bruder Hilfe had previously supported the home, a few years back, when the organisation supported another non-profit initiative to donate items to Precious Pearls Orphanage. She brought a gift for the director of Precious Pearls Orphanage, and promised to also bring presents for the other staff, as she buttressed that the people who cared for the orphanage were not always appreciated for their sacrifices. 

Bruder Hilfe identified some of the children of the Precious Pearls Orphanage, who had special needs and live with disabilities, and have made arrangements to support them under the project inclusive initiative by the organisation. Mrs. Bruder also promised to enroll some of the children from the home, in the scholarship scheme run by the organisation. 

The children presented songs to the celebrant and thanked her for visiting to celebrate her birthday with them. They also voiced some of their wishes which included proceeding to Higher institutions of study, more space in their home, and capacity development opportunities. The director appreciated Mrs. Bruder as well as the Bruder Hilfe Social Development Initiative for the generous gesture. She asked that other individuals emulate Mrs. Bruder and remember the orphanage homes.

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